The Mad Filmmaker (madfilm) wrote,
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School's Out

Most of the schools I sub for are now out for the summer. The ones that aren't will be out shortly, so I don't anticipate any more sub jobs for the rest of the year. Now comes the fun (and somewhat daunting) task of securing some permanent work for next year. I'm not sure I can sub day-to-day for another year. A long-term job, maybe, but I don't know about day-to-day.

Not much else going on. I will, however, try to complete some projects I started earlier now that my schedule is pretty open. I also have a lot to do at home--we're having people over on the 23rd, and need to do a thorough clean and straighten of the house.

What an exciting life I lead, let me tell you.

Anyway, that is all. As you were.
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