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Back again

Been away for a couple of days. The spouse and I spent some time in Newport, RI, looking at the mansions of the rich and powerful from the Gilded Age. Very nice getaway for a couple of days, and the houses were very impressive. It's amazing to think that these were "summer cottages"! (modpixie: Rosecliff is how I imagine the March house to look). We also made a stop at Mystic Seaport in Connecticut (kind of a disappointment--you have to pay to see most of the really cool stuff).

I'm already thinking of lesson plans I can write for older kids (yes, always the teacher, even on vacation).

Not much else to report, other than the fact that I have a job interview on Friday. It's an elementary school in a district in the northern part of the county. I've subbed there several times, and getting a job there would be very nice. Of course, this is just my first interview of the year, so I need to be careful to examine all my options before taking the first thing that comes along (provided of course that they offer this job to me). I suppose we shall see.

Anyway, that is all. As you were.
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