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The Mad Filmmaker

Still, really, I am...

Again, life has been a bit hectic. Been busy with subbing, and the Easter holiday weekend was a bit crazy. But I'm still here.

It was spring break last week for most of the districts I sub for, so I only got work on two days (and one of them was only a half day). Otherwise, I've been scoping out school districts, looking for the ones that are looking for full-timers in the fall.

Which brings me to the sticky situation of trying to find work for the summer. I'm looking into what it would take to teach summer school, but I'm not sure I have enough experience doing that (they said right on the posting that preferential treatment is given to applicants with prior experience). It also depends on who enrolls (if not enough kids enroll, the class is cancelled). I'm not looking forward to a drought from late-June to early-August, but I'm keeping my hopes up that something will come up.

I subbed yesterday for a teacher who has been put on bedrest until the end of the year (she's having some complications with her pregnancy). She asked if I was available to teach her class until at least the end of the week, and I told her I was. She was looking for some continuity for her kids, and didn't want a different sub every day. I told the office I was available, but they decided to go with someone else, which was a little bit of a bummer. However, I will try to throw my hat into the ring if this turns into a situation where they need a long-term sub--I really liked the kids, and the idea of guaranteed work until the end of the school year is appealing. Ah, well, I guess better luck next time...

Which brings me to another point: the hardest thing, I think, about subbing is the fact that you're in a different classroom, and different grade level, every single day. I've had weeks where one day I'd have kindergarteners, and the next day I'd have middle-schoolers. And you never know what you'll be walking into--sometimes the teacher is really organized, sometimes not. Sometimes there are plans, sometimes not. I can't wait until I have my own classroom--I miss the consistency that I had in student teaching (having the same kids every day). Ah, well, that will come in time, I suppose...

Anyway, that is all. As you were.
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