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Feast or Famine

Sorry about the lag in updates. There has been lots going on. I have officially gone from famine to feast--I now have more subbing work than I know what to do with.

I have to decide how to strategically work out my schedule so that I do the maximum amount of work in the districts where I'd like to get a permanent job. Subbing is nice, and affords me a flexibility of schedule, but I need to not lose sight of the bigger picture.

I just got added to the sub list of one of my top-choice districts, and I just got a call from another top-choice district, who I need to call back. I know that doing all of this substitute teaching is no guarantee of a full-time job later in these districts, but I at least have to get them to know who I am and how I teach. This will hopefully make me stand out when interviewing starts.

Anyway, that is all. As you were.
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