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Not much to report. It's hard going from working almost non-stop to stopping work.

Cleaned a lot of the downstairs today, and it looks as though tomorrow will be devoted to a great deal of food prep. We're having my family over for dinner on Saturday, so that promises to be fun (it's an early b-day celebration for me).

I'm going to be 36 next week. I sometimes wish I had accomplished more by now. But then again, accomplishment is relative.

I need a new video camera, especially since I have some video projects I need to finish, and can't edit them without one. The one I have quit rather unexpectedly.

I wish I had more exciting news. Not much happening on the job front, although I do have some freelance work next week, which is good. No subbing jobs have come my way yet.

Anyway, that is all. As you were.
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